Spencer and Joaquin

Spencer and Quino’s daily’s!

Chicken Little……. July 9, 2007

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So my mother in-law got Spencer a costume in Mexico City. Spencer is in love with Chicken Little…the book (which I need to purchase still) and the movie. He brought this costume to school for show and tell too! He would live in it if he could. Quino thinks it quite funny too! Check out his face….



Check out Spencer’s eyes…he was saying “the sky is falling…the sky is falling!”





Spencer stood right in front of me so that I could get a picture of Joaquin looking at him…too funny.


Easter…almost forgot about these!

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So Easter every year is a hunt in our house! The Easter bunny leaves lots of goodies all around for Spencer and Quino to find! So Spencer’s face should say it all. And Joaquin so proud of his new Peter Pan doll. Which might I add that he didn’t want to put it down at all!



The Easter Bunny left Spencer a choice…Captain Hook or Peter Pan…he wanted Captain Hook!



So here is the proof that Quino would not let Peter Pan out of his sight! He even looks like he saying “You better not touch my Peter Pan mommy or there’s gonna be trouble!”


Cruising on the Boat! June 18, 2007

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We headed up to the boat and thought we’d stay the night….so here are some shots!




 Daddy and Quino driving the boat together!




Quino checking out the camera case…..



 Spencer: “Mommy you need to sit down. Or you’re gonna fall!”





So the boys love the boat! They love to fish. BUT Quino hates his “boat coat” (life jacket)!!!! So that is one of the most challenging things with him. As for Bru…he is getting better at everything boat! He loves to figure all this stuff out.


We’ll Miss You STEVE! May 11, 2007

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So as many of you may know we have lost a great person on May 5th. Steve Gillingham was a friend, father, husband and true giver! We are sad to see him leave his physical body but are grateful that he is now in our group of angels…watching over us. At least I can say that Bruno has one strong angel in his corner now! Please remember him for what he was and how he did it!


This photo was taken at our house warming party in the summer of 2004. He looks great and that night I have fond memories. I had to tell the guys (Bru, Claudio, Elvis and Francesco) to shut up so I could hear Steve while we talked in the kitchen. We both had a beer and chit chatted for a long while. I’ll never forget that! What guy hangs out with his buddy’s wife instead of a bunch of men in the other room? Steve did!!! He was awesome for that! He loved to just shoot the breeze…and he didn’t mind if I said “Pardon me?” due to the quietness of his voice…hence “The Mute” as a nickname! I love ya buddy. We’ll be missing you…until we meet again! 😉


April 11, 2007

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[sonific e50f7e35dabc136aa82c7b33858d7d8213a38284] So I decided to add some music. Sonific is kinda cool! I really like all the Indie bands. Great sounds and every genre possible. Funk, reggae, mellow beats and so on! Check it out and remember….IT’S FREE!!!!


My sister’s great news! April 9, 2007

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So my sister has finally bit the bullet.  She now owns a bigger home in Leaside.  She is so excited and is probably packing as I’m typing this.  She will now have enough room to have clutter!  She’s so excited.  And yes….one day…..she’ll put a pool in her huge backyard.  The house looks gorgeous on MLS.  I am so excited too!  Good luck sista!



Home Sweet Home! April 5, 2007

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I have never been so excited to be back in Canada! We got back late Tuesday night. I have such a long story that I emailed all to tell. But now I will just post some of the pictures. We brought both cameras and Bruno has the Baptism shots on our small camera. It was warm and beautiful in Mexico. We didn’t travel to a beach but we did stay in Tehuacan for an extended amount of time. Well here we go….




This is Alexandra. Victor’s newest addition. She’s so small and girlie. She loved Joaquin.

They played in her crib while we all got showered and dressed.




This is the front of Soco’s Aunt’s place. It was huge and so homey. We all felt at home there.





This is Quino fascinated by the chickie. Soco’s Tia had 5 of them running around her property.

They are pets, but the maid will take them when they get bigger and God only knows what will happen to them.





Here are the three ladies that were my saving grace through all the hospital trips, dirty laundry, and

of course taking care of Spencer while Soco and I were occupied with Quino.

This picture was taken the Sunday and Quino didn’t get sick until that night.




Here is Spencer with his buddy Angel. Angel is Tia’s great grandson.

He and Spencer were in heaven with one another. They played quite well together.

Here they are playing in the front yard. The garden was beautiful there. There was every kind of flower imaginable.






Here’s Spencer wearing our taco warmer as a hat. Silly guy.



So there will be more pics when I get my hands on the other camera. Also check out our individual links because I’ll add some pics there too!